Specials, Festivals  & Awards


Motril, Spain

presented by Festival Música Sur Motril 2019

Monday, 23 September 2019, time t.b.a., Teatro Calderón de la Barca | post-screening discussion with the filmmaker

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Delft | Dutch Premiere

presented by Filmhuis Lumen and Delft Chamber Music Festival  

Tuesday, 23 July 2019, time t.b.a., Filmhuis Lumen  | post-screening discussion with the filmmaker

further dates t.b.a.

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Tel Aviv | Israel Premiere

presented by 10th EPOS International Art Film Festival

Saturday, 30 March 2019,  5 p.m., Tel Aviv Museum of Art

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Verbier, Switzerland

presented by 25th Verbier Festival

4 August, 2018, 4 p.m., Cinéma de Verbier


Townsville | Australian Premiere

presented by the Australian Festival of Chamber Music (AFCM)

26 July 2018, 7.15 p.m., Warrina Cineplex | introduction by Kathryn Stott, Artistic Director of the AFCM


Schloss Elmau, Germany

20 April 2018, 10 p.m., concert hall | in presence of Pierre Colombet, Gabriel Le Magadure and the filmmaker


Madrid | Spanish Premiere

29 March 2018, 8.30 p.m., Cineteca Madrid, Sala Azcona | post-screening discussion with philosopher and cultural critic

Ramón del Castillo and the filmmaker


London, England

presented by the Wigmore Hall International String Quartet Competition

14 April 2018, 5 p.m., Wigmore Hall, Bechstein Room | in presence of the filmmaker


Manchester, England | United Kingdom Premiere

presented by the Royal Northern College Of Music (RNCM)

7 March 2018, 6.10 p.m., Cinema HOME | post-screening discussion with Harvey Davies (RNCM) and the filmmaker


Leuven | Belgian Premiere

presented by Novecento Festival 

11 October 2017, 8 p.m., cinema ZED | post-screening discussion with Philippe Vandenbroek and the filmmaker


Trondheim | Norwegian Premiere

presented by Trondheim Chamber Music Festival

28 September 2017, 5.30 p.m., Cinemateket Trondheim


Zurich, Switzerland

In cooperation with Tonhalle-Gesellschaft Zurich, kindly supported by DATIO Stiftung, Zürich.

11  June 2017, 12h, XENIX cinema | post-screening discussion with the Quatuor Ebène and the filmmaker


Geneva | Swiss Premiere

71th Geneva international music competition / 71° Concours de Genève
25 November 2016, Radio Télévision Suisse, Salle Soutter | post-screening discussion with the filmmaker


Wissembourg | French Premiere

12° Festival International de Musique de Wissembourg

19 August, 2016 |   post-screening discussion with the Quatuor Ebène, cinematographer Arnd Buss - von Kuk and the filmmaker


Lockenhaus | Austrian Premiere

35th Kammermusikfest Lockenhaus

9 July, 2016 | post-screening discussion with the filmmaker

13 July, 2016 | post-screening discussion with Raphaël Merlin, professor  Eberhard Feltz and the filmmaker


Munich | German Premiere

DOK.fest Munich, International Competition, May 2016

post-screening discussion with Pierre Colombet, Gabriel Le Magadure, cinematographer Arnd Buss - von Kuk and the filmmaker

Best attended film at DOK.fest 2016


Helsinki, Finland | European Premiere

Helsinki DocPoint, January 2016 | post-screening discussion with cinematographer Arnd Buss - von Kuk and the filmmaker


Los Angeles, USA | World Premiere

Los Angeles Documentary Film Festival (DOCLA), 12 November, 2015 - Opening film

Award: Best Documentary